How to reach Corniglia

How to reach Corniglia by Train

aaaaCorniglia is reachable by train in aproximatively 15 minutes, departing from La Spezia Centrale or Levanto.
From the railway station between 8AM and 6:30PM you can take the "Parco delle Cinque Terre" bus to reach the village, otherwise the 'Lardarina' stairs will lead you to the village, 90 metres above the sea.

Reach Corniglia by car

  • From La Spezia
    Take the exit toward Santo Stefano di Magra and follow the directions to Portovenere - Cinque Terre, take the "Litoranea". Time needed to reach Corniglia: Approximatively 45 Minutes

  • From Levanto
    Take the exit toward Carrodano Levanto and follow the directions.
    Time needed to reach Corniglia: Approximatively 45 Minutes.

Advisory: Cinque Terre By Car

aaaa Reach Corniglia and visit Cinque Terre by car is hard,because roads are old and tight, and it's very difficult to find a parking. Therefore, in our opinion, the best way to visit the villages of Cinque terre is by train.

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